About Us

As Chief Executive Officer of Mezogen "Advanced Food Sources For Higher Life Forms",I pride myself on thriving as one of the most contentious and progressive business minds in the health- wellness industry. As a professional fitness transformation coach and wellness educator, I have used over two decades of applied experience to carry out wellness directives through never ending commitment and determination, my dedication to Health-Wellness has allowed me to become an accomplished pioneer whose initiatives forge to strengthen and educate individuals, develop programs and form partnerships that address the next level of total health.
Placing your specific personal objectives above that of a "cookie cutter" corporate machine mentality, speaks to the fact that I care about your success.
So "In your decision to become more health conscious, actualize and commit to yourself, Mobilize your commitment to health."
- J. Wigfall

Through these very same words I have worked to strengthen and educate countless individuals BEYOND the peak of their nutritional and fitness goals.

AbSOULute WELLNESS a core component of Mezogen's research dept., is a certified 501c3 non-profit  organization with local and worldwide industries depending on healthy individuals, financial obligations shouldn't limit one's ability to receive information of pivotal importance to their quality of living. AbSOULute WELLNESS serves as a platform through which fundamental programs are developed and necessary assistance is provided.

As the managing corporation through which Mezogen and Ab SOULute Wellness are directed WATRUGUDAT.COM establishes itself by forming partnerships. As this announces the extension of a balanced and truly health conscious community.

As a highly sought wellness advisor, I use these relationships with organizations (non- profit and for profit) to the benefit of corporation’s actualized social responsibility to their patrons.

As a true crusader for fitness and health education, I continue as a most compatible advocate for total health-wellness. Honored with various titles nationally as well as abroad including being named as a spokesperson for one of the most globally prestigious health promotion organizations in our industry.

This still pales in comparison to the ability to influence one to consider the potential greatness residing within, from the spark of a single question, which deserves ultimate consideration....this is YOUR HIGHER VALUED LIFE you are considering when you take the moment to inquire.....WAT R U GUD ?